Re: [patch] file locking, v3

The lockfile contains more information than you are using.  It would
be nice if the message displayed it.  Adding the ability to break a
potentially stale lock will require some extension to the io_context
framework (similar in form to the password entry), so that is not
necessary in the first pass.

You mean telling the user who is locking the file?
I've considered it, but wanted to fixup the acquire_lock and
relinquish_lock code first.

The latter .. do you mind if I postpone that for a later patch? It
sounds like that would have little overlap with the current code.
(but I could be wrong)

I'll suggest doing something a touch more complicated and lifting
the filename generation from vim.  It should not be too tough to
pull out (it appears to live mostly in memline.c and io_file.c).
This will give us a huge amount of pre-tested portability.

Yes. I've done a quick grep over the vim code but didn't get any
good matches; I'll take a look at it though.

Floris Kraak
I can live without
Someone I love
But not without
Someone I need.
                -- "Safety"

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