how do I...?

I think I did a poor job explaining the problem I was trying to tackle. Imagine I have a large and complicated spread sheet. The whole spread sheet exists to calculate a single number, in cell C23. Most of the changes I make, for different scenarios, are to cells B1, and B2. I'm trying to figure out how to automatically generate a table that looks like this (slightly different from my last email):

           1  |  2    3    4

(B1 values) 2  |  3    4    5    <--- resultant C23 values

           3  |  4    5    6

                1    2    3
                (B2 values)

Thanks for your help,

Phillip Shelton wrote:

This requires careful use of the $ to enforce absolute addressing.

if the cell columns for your example are A B C D and the rows are 1 2 3 4
then for the examble that you give the formula put into cell B1 is

Then if you fill down and across this will give you the table in the


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I have a spread sheet with where I often change cells A1 and B1 in order to see how they effect cell C1.

I would like to generate a table which along the x-axis runs through a range of A1 values and the y-axis through B1 values. The table data itself would be the C1 result.

So for instance if C1=A1+B1 how would I generate the following table data:

           1  |  2    3    4

(B1 values) 2  |  3    4    5    <--- resultant C1 values

           3  |  4    5    6

                1    2    3
                (A1 values)

Note: though my example is quite simple, and I could easy create a fomula for it, my real spread sheet is much more complex, so creating a custom formula would be more difficult.

Is there a simple way to do this?


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