Re: how do I...?

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 10:45:20AM -0400, Isaac Kriegman wrote:
I think I did a poor job explaining the problem I was trying to tackle. 
Imagine I have a large and complicated spread sheet.  The whole spread 
sheet exists to calculate a single number, in cell C23.  Most of the 
changes I make, for different scenarios, are to cells B1, and B2.  I'm 
trying to figure out how to automatically generate a table that looks 
like this (slightly different from my last email):

           1  |  2    3    4

(B1 values) 2  |  3    4    5    <--- resultant C23 values

           3  |  4    5    6

                1    2    3
              (B2 values)

The easiest thing to do, although it is a tad wasteful is to use
Morten's lovely Tabulate tool.  It will replicate the entire sheet
for each combination of inputs.

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