Re: various bugs

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 05:38:08PM +0000, Padraig Brady wrote:
excel supports the firmula SUM(M4:M5:M6:M7:M8), but gnumeric gives 
"unknown formula"
eek, what the hell does that mean ?
Please file it with bugzilla.

Gnumeric didn't support the (custom) excel value format below correctly.
ValueType="40" ValueFormat=""IR£#,##0.00"
It just displayed IR?#,##0.00
The &quot seems out of place, and when I removed it everything worked fine.
Yes, this is a libxml1 bug.  It was fixed in libxml2, so things
should be correct in the gnome2 version.

in a cell with format of ?#,##0.00 or ?0.00 (these are all I tested) 
then the value is modified!!
fixed a while ago.

copy & paste key combinations of Ctrl+Ins & Shift+Ins don't work for cells
but do for "edit bar". Any reason?
Can't copy/paste string in editbox in custom format edit dialog.
We don't support it yet.  I'm working towards it slowly, but have
lots of other things to do first.
password protected books not supported yet? Hadn't Caolan code for this?
It is supported in the development version.

can't save over existing xls even if you have saved over it already
also fixed.

excel cell comments are not supported?
only xl95 comments are read at present.  Adding support for newer
versions should be feasible but dealing with escher irritates me.

When xls has cells that contain #REF! gnumeric just throws away the whole
formula and replaces with "unknown formula". It should at least convert 
to text,
but really should support bad references.
Can you give me an example ?  We should handle #REF! correctly now.

When saving to gnumeric format the following should
probably changed to gnumeric?
      <gmr:val-string>Microsoft Excel</gmr:val-string>
Doh!  yes.  Good idea.

When 1 cell is selected you shouldn't show the 
in the summary bar I think?
good thought.

On a related note it might be a good idea to
have an "autostats" submenu in a context menu for multiple selected cells,
which has entries for {Sum,Min,Max,Average,Count}=... automatically 
I don't understand.

Perhaps the button/menu on the summary bar could show the same info, i.e
func=value for selection, rather than just func?
More detail please.

sorry for the long delay the mailing list was a touch blocked up.

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