Re: various bugs

LOL, This was 6 months ago, I'm not surprised most of
these are fixed. I just looked at gnumeric for the first and
only time for 15 minutes then, and noticed these "problems",

Jody Goldberg wrote:
On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 05:38:08PM +0000, Padraig Brady wrote:

excel supports the firmula SUM(M4:M5:M6:M7:M8), but gnumeric gives "unknown formula"

eek, what the hell does that mean ?

sum from M4 -> M5 and also M5->M6 ....
I'm not too sure does it support noncontiguous cells?

Please file it with bugzilla.


When saving to gnumeric format the following should
probably changed to gnumeric?
     <gmr:val-string>Microsoft Excel</gmr:val-string>

Doh!  yes.  Good idea.

When 1 cell is selected you shouldn't show the {Sum,Min,Max,Average,Count}=...
in the summary bar I think?

good thought.

On a related note it might be a good idea to
have an "autostats" submenu in a context menu for multiple selected cells,
which has entries for {Sum,Min,Max,Average,Count}=... automatically calculated?

I don't understand.

When you select multiple cells, instead of having to explicitly select
the required function, you could right click for context menu and get


Probably not scaleable but would be cute?
Note you wouldn't have to recalculate after
each selection, just on showing the context
menu would be sufficient.

Perhaps the button/menu on the summary bar could show the same info, i.e
func=value for selection, rather than just func?

More detail please.

Just as above. The actual values are shown, rather than having
to explicitly select a function.


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