Re: Problems with special characters

On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 10:52:09AM +0100, Christoph Fabianek wrote:

I have the following problem with Gnumeric 1.0.0: Text containing special 
characters (e.g., ????) is not displayed correctly in the cells i.e., it only 
displays the characters till the first special character (example: 
"zur?ckgeben" becomes "zur"), although the text is shown completely in the 
"data entry area".

I have recently set up my computer from scratch (Debian/testing with gnumeric 
from unstable) and perhaps something is missing, but no other applications 
(including Gnome-Apps) show this behaviour. Does anyone know a solution?

This is a fairly common complaint it boils down to fonts.  The
situation will improve with gnome2.  For now you'll need to tweak
you gnome-print installation to get fonts with the necessary

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