Re: unable to compile gnumeric 1.0.0

On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 03:54:40PM +0100, mathieu wrote:
I'm unable to compile gnumeric 1.0.0 on a RedHat 7.2

So Guppi, guile and bonobo dont met the version requirement
- funny, Guppi require (as plugin) gnumeric installed, as gnumeric 
require (as plugin) Guppi installed
guppi requires gnumeric to compile it's gnumeric support.
gnumeic has no build dependencies on guppi.

- about bonobo, I dont use this for now
you do if you want graphs.

gui-clipboard.o: In function `x_selection_handler':
/home/moa/gnumeric-1.0.0/src/gui-clipboard.c:292: undefined reference 
to `xmlFre      e'
your libxml installation is confused.  This has come up frequently
on the list.  You have an old version of libxml2 installed somewhere
that is confusing your libxml1 files.

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