Re: problems using gnumeric 0.99

On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 07:07:01PM -0500, Faheem Mitha wrote:
1) When cells are in a percentage format, and I try to print a sheet, the
percent sign is shown outside the cell in postscript conversion. This
shows up clearly in the preview. When printing, only part of the percent
sign is shown.
This is caused by differences in the size of fonts when printing and
drawing we're still looking for a decent solution to this.
2) Exporting to a pdf file using the builtin facilities (Pdf writer) would
The pdf exporter was still young.  It should hopefully have

3) I also tried to export a sheet to html 4 format. Unfortunately, there
is no option to only export a single sheet only the entire workbook.
Good idea.

also noticed that hidden columns still showed up on the html output.

4) Once I hide a column, I cannot unhide it.
You need to select columns surrounding the hidden column.

5) There is some feature that completes my typing in a cell based on what
You can disable this.
Format -> Workbook

6) None of the graphs/objects stuff works for me at all. This may be due
to missing packages, though. I think maybe I need to install this guppi
package. Is this right?
7) There appears to be no option to insert a spreadsheet in a particular
place. It is automatically created at the end and I have to move it where
I want.
Insert -> sheet inserts at end
Insert sheet on the tab context menu inserts immediately after the
current sheet.
8) I had a text file which I wanted to enter into a sheet in a
pre-existing workbook (call this Wbook A). I had to go through the
following steps.  a) Import the text file into a new workbook (Wbook B).
b) Select the region of cells in Wbook B, and paste them into the
appropriate sheet in Wbook A. It would be nice if there was a method to
import the text file directly into the sheet.
also a good idea.
Furthermore, it would be nice if there was a way to manipulate sheets:
copy sheets from one workbook to another, create workbooks by splitting
off sheets from another workbook, without having to cut and paste cells.
There may be a way to do this currently, but I'm not aware of it.
hmm, the sheet management dialog may get too complex with that much

If anyone wishes to respond to this, please cc me. I'm not on this list.
Thanks for the input, sorry for the long delay responding.  The
mailing list was a touch confused.


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