Gnumeric 0.61 and RedHat 7.1

Hello everybody!

I have just installed RedHat 7.1 on my computer with Gnome GUI, but
gnumeric 0.61 don't work.
When i try to run gnumeric from the shell with

gnumeric &

the shell answer with

Gdk-WARNING **: Missing charsets in FontSet creation

Gdk-WARNING **:     ISO8859-15

Gdk-WARNING **:     ISO8859-15

and gnumeric crash. Then i try to

-compile gnumeric 0.61 source and install
-compile gnumeric 0.62 souce and install
-upgrade gnumeric 0.62 to 0.68

but no one of this trying had success. I had ever the same error.
What i have to do?
I hope somebody can help me!
Sorry for my bad english!


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