FYI:COUPDAYS: Gnumeric v Applix v Star Office

I ran some of the COUPDAYS tests that were run in the gnumeric versus excel tests against Applix
4.42, and Applix totally missed on the June 2, 2006 (settlement date) - September 29, 2008
(maturity date) tests with basis = 2 and 3 (act/360 and act/365). For example:

COUPDAYS("06/02/06","09/29/08,1,2) = 365 in Applix (v 360)
COUPDAYS("06/02/06","09/29/08,2,3) = 184 in Applix (v 182.5)

I work for a central bank that chose Applix for its UNIX platform, and this is kind of scarey. I
also ran the same tests through Star Office 6.0. It fared a lot better, with only one error that I
could find:

COUPDAYSNC("08/03/92","08/29/96",2,0) = 27 in SO 6.0 (v 26)

I continue to press our systems people to consider gnumeric, but significant investments have been
made in marrying Applix with our TIBCO real-time feeds, plus most of the power users use Applix
with Tech Hackers' @Analyst add-in functions, which everyone assumes does the job correctly. Also,
many of us haven't migrated over to the GNOME desktop and installing gnumeric on our SUNs has
proven to be a rather daunting task. If only gnumeric could be better "packaged" a la Star

John Kiff

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