Re: New COUP*() test files and more about Gnumeric performance

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002, Nick Lamb wrote
Nope. Your copy of Excel 97 opened them, printed out the values stored in
the file (which include "OK") and did no calculations of any kind. Even
if you pressed "F9 (Recalculate)" it will not recalculate in this case.

What about Ctrl-Alt-F9 ?  Usually works for me.

Please do not ever provide a mechanism in Gnumeric which sidesteps the
full recalculation when requested by a user. By all means provide a
heuristic-driven "fast" recalc, but it must be possible for a user to
say "I don't trust you. Work this out again from scratch".

Hmm.  All Excel misses that I know of is the ability to choose forcing
a recalc of A) the current sheet B) the current book C) all the open
The main problem with Ctrl-Alt-F9 is that it calculates all workbooks,
which can take a long time if heavy spreadsheets are open.  There's
no way so far as I know to force the recalc of a single workbook.

The behaviour of F9, modulo the at-open issue, is not unreasonable -
you haven't asked for a full recalculation by pressing F9, you've asked
to bring the spreadsheet up to date.  People doing heavyweight stuff
run spreadsheets in manual calculation mode: there F9 clearly has a
and the fact that it becomes a null operation on autocalc mode isn't


PS.  Apols for the broken threading etc - only read these messages
via the web archive

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