solver errors

I am having problems with solver.

I am using gnumeric 1.0.3
The OS I am using os linux, specifically the sorcerer distribution.

The problem is described below, but I will also attach the spreadsheet to simplify testing.

Solver Settings----
Set Target Cell: D6
Equal To: Max
By Changing Cells: B3:C3
Assume Linear Model: selected but grayed out
Assume Non-negative: selected
Subject to the Constraints: D8:D10 <= E8:E10

D6: =sumproduct(B3:C3, B4:C4)
B3: 0    C3:  0    
B4:  7   C4:  4
B8:  20  C8:  4    D8:  =sumproduct($B$3:$C$3, B8:C8)    E8:  8000
B9:  8   C9:  5    D9:  =sumproduct($B$3:$C$3, B9:C9)    E9:  10000
B10: 4   C10: 4    D10: =sumproduct($B$3:$C$3, B10:C10)  E10: 4000

After running solver---------------
B3:  4.38e+08  C3: 1e+282
D6:  4e+282
D8:  4e+282
D9:  5e+282
D10: 4e+282

D8:D10 is definitely much greater than the 8000,10000, and 4000 defined in the constraints.

When I tried reversing the constraint to D8:D10 >= E8:E10 then D8:D10 solves to small numbers around 1

Any help would be much appreciated.

Jason Jackson
JacksonJE health missouri edu

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