Please send us this file

I've found several sheets which use array formulae and cause Gnumeric
to errupt with messages of the form:

Input - Exponential!F25 : Hmm, ptgAttr of type 0 ??
I've seen a case where an instance of this with flag A and another with flag 3
bracket a 1x1 array formula.  please send us this file.
Flags = 0x9

Until recently they all seemed to be confidential financial documents, and
therefore not really suitable even for Jody's eyes. Now however I have
found a public example. So I am doing the next best thing to sending in
the whole file, which is providing a link to it on the web.

Follow the "Excel 5" download link (both sheets are identical but one is
wrapped in a SFX Zip executable file)

I'm not sure whether these files will work once the Excel import stage
is fixed, I found this line in the TODO file which seems relevant...

   + Implicit iteration.  For an array expression that returns scalar results.
     which takes a range as a scalar argument, apply the expression to each
     element of the input range.

(Now, I really should go and look at that BIFF loader this weekend)


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