RE: Memory use (was Re: COUPNCD COUPPCD)


I am trying to change those ~100 line test sheets into workbooks with a
couple of hundred tests per sheet with a sheet per function.  I will start
on the finance sheet Monday.  I do not have XL at home.

I know it is a little late for you guys.


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I think I'm partly missing the point here (or maybe not). If 
these files
test XL compatibility, why aren't they .XLS files? Is that 
what you want
me to do? I figured we were talking about ~100 line test sheets like
those for the rest of XL functions, but this is... hard core.

If I can't export the sheets to XL 95 then I'm certainly not about to
type them all in. Maybe Gnumeric can export them as CSV ? I'll try to
tomorrow and report to the list at ~ 1700 UTC.

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