Re: 2 problems: python plugin and guppi problem

On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 02:50:36PM +0100, wwp wrote:
Yesterday, I decided to add support for some of the missing features, so I added
ORBit, bonobo
This is necessary to support guppi.

This is really just proof of concept and somewhat stale, there is no
need to install this unless you are working on that project.


Just to clarify for the archives.  This is not a build requirement
for gnumeric.  It is a completely distinct component.

and after some hours fighting, I got ./configure saying that
everything was configured OK excepted guile (my version is too old
and 0.15 is not released yet but it's not the topic of this msg)
and evolution support (I don't care).
Again to clarify for the archives.  That is guile 1.5 not .15.
Gnumeric currently requires the development version of guile until
the guile team actually releases the long promised 1.6.  NOt having
this is not a huge loss given the availabilty of other languages for
plugin development.
gnumeric compiled and installed OK, but now I get an error message at startup:
"error while activating plugin service #0", regarding a python module:
Then the "Python plugin" is shown as available but inactive.
Without more of the error information this is hard to track.

In another hand, I encounter crashes (not fatal) from guppi-gnumeric when I
attempt to create graphes from simple sample sheets.
This sounds like an installation problem of some kind.  I can not
replicate it at all.  A useful trick is to make sure there are no
copies of guppi-gnumeric running.  Then manually run one in one
window and fire up gnumeric in another.  Then watch the debug spew
from guppi to see why it is shutting down.

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