2 problems: python plugin and guppi problem

Hi there,

Using gnumeric 1.0.1 on my i686 GNU/linux box, I've encountered 2 different problems
regarding to a python plugin load and Guppi graph creation.
I report both in the same message 'cause I'm not sure that the guppi crashes do not
belong to the python plugin activation problem.


First, the python plugin activation problem:

I was using gnumeric 1.0.1(and in general gnumeric since 0.6x series) with everything
configured EXCEPTED the following: gda, guile, bonobo, guppi and evolution.
Everything was OK in my use of gnumeric.

Yesterday, I decided to add support for some of the missing features, so I added ORBit,
bonobo, gb, libgda and guppi, and after some hours fighting, I got ./configure saying that
everything was configured OK excepted guile (my version is too old and 0.15 is not released
yet but it's not the topic of this msg) and evolution support (I don't care).

gnumeric compiled and installed OK, but now I get an error message at startup:
"error while activating plugin service #0", regarding a python module:
Then the "Python plugin" is shown as available but inactive.


In another hand, I encounter crashes (not fatal) from guppi-gnumeric when I
attempt to create graphes from simple sample sheets.

1) I open a new blank sheet
2) I write '10' (the number ten) in a cell, select this cell and click on the
 "graph" button in the toolbar
3) selecting the 'column' graph type raises a crash from 'guppi-gnumeric' (gnome
application crash dialog). Any other graph type is OK.

Following the attempts, the crash dialog appears once I select the 'column' graph
mode or sometimes when I click on the 'next' button, right after having selected this
'column' graph mode.

Please note that when I click on the 'Next' button, if I get a crash dialog, the
step #2 dialog opens itself anyway, with the correct range information in it, but
no graph is shown.

The crash is the same when I select any square range containing only numerical
values. But following the content or more complex selected range (depending on
the array structure I've selected), the crash dialog happens later or sooner, and
not in all the cases.


After all this, I've also encountered a crash when saving the sample sheet I was using,
but I cannot provide more information for now, and it was after a gnumeric session
full of crashes (described above) had happened.


Here is my config (everything installed from the sources):

- GNU/linux 2.4.17, glibc 2.1 (from a SuSE 6.4+many upgrades)
- gcc 2.95.3
- gnome libs
- gnome-print 0.34
- gnumeric 1.0.1
- oaf 0.6.7
- gal 0.18.1
- libole2 0.2.4
- libgda 0.2.93
- gb 0.0.20+patches (hum 0.0.17 + some cheating in gnumeric's ./configure)
- Guppi 0.40.2
- libglade 0.16
- libxml 0.8.16
- guile 1.4
- bonobo 1.0.18
- ORBit 0.5.13
- Python 2.0

What information could I provide in order to get some help? I did not succeed
in getting more crash info using --debug and --debug_print switches (maybe

Thanx in advance for any answer,



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