Re: Installing gnumeric1.0.1

On Sat, Jan 12, 2002 at 05:32:49AM +0800, R.I.P. Deaddog wrote:
On Thu, 10 Jan 2002 irajmedifar peoplepc com wrote:

I had similar problems trying to install Gnumeric1.0.1 on my RH7 box. 
Then I quit doing it this way and instead installed the asplinux version 
from and it worked fine for me. You may need to update some 
of your files in the process, but can most probably get what you need 

Nope; the actual reason is that gnumeric use gtk-doc package to rebuild
the docs. If you don't have this package installed in system, then
gnumeric will install the prebuilt document, which lacks index.sgml.

What ??
We are NOT using gtk-doc as far as I know.  gnome-doc-tools are used
to translate the sgml into html.  I suspect you were refering to
There is no index.sgml.

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