[slightly OT] new dbf library

I've recently completed a dbf library which, as its name suggests,
parses dbf files (in the Xbase file format) and decided to release it
under the LGPL. I also wrote a dbf2txt untility to go with it.

I don't currently know of any bugs, but keep in mind that I'm the only
person that's tested it to date and have only tested it on Xbase v3
formatted files due to lack access to files in other versions of the
format, so I don't know if it'll work with other Xbase versions.

Feel free to test it, if you're interested, and send me feedback, bug
reports, etc. You can find it here (currently source only, but unpacking
and running 'make all' should be all that's necessary before running):


It's written in C++ but the only elements of C++ I used are classes and
exceptions so it should be easily ported to C, if necessary.
I also plan to redisign the library in the (hopefully near) future to
make it more extensible since I want to add support for more file
formats in the future (I have plans to support Excel but that, of
course, will probably be a somewhat bigger undertaking than Xbase :-)

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