Re: questions about "Format cells" dialog

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 11:25:49AM -0500, Alexander Kirillov wrote:

 1. "Protection" tab: if I understand correclty, this is about password
protected documents. Does Gnumeric allows creation of such docs (doesn't
seem so)? importing Excel's password protected spreadsheets? 
This is partially functional, but mostly useless.
Protection in XL has 2 aspects
    - marking a sheet/workbook as protected
    - selecting which cells within the sheet/workbook have

A cell is only protected if it and its container are.  We import and
export the XL protection flags.  However, Gnumeric does not honour
them, nor do we support marking a sheet/workbook as protected.  All
that page does is to display/edit cell level protections for use
in XL.  They serve no use in Gnumeric for now.

 2. Fonts: can someone tell me which fonts are available to Gnumeric?
Obviously not all X11 fonts. All type 1 fonts known to gnome-print? Only
35 standard PS fonts? What about TrueType fonts? And am I correct that
when importing Excel docs, gnumeric will try to replace fonts such as
Arial by the closest analogs available to it?
1) gnome-print supplies the font list for gnumeric-1.0, after the
gnome2 port it will be pango.

2) Yes there is an ancient hack in the xl importer that does this.
   That will be disabled when we move to pango fonts.  The correct
   place to handle that sort of thing is NOT in the XL importer.

 3. In Background->Patterns->color: what is the meaning of  "automatic"?
I'd expect that it tries to use a color contrasting with the background
(black on light backgrounds and white on dark backgrounds). However, it
does not work this way for me: "automatic" is always  black, even on
black background. Should I file it as a bug?
Automatic is not well understood or supported.  On the XL import
side we map automatic using contrasting colours to something
concrete.  This is incorrect in 2 ways.
    - We should import it as 'automatic' not black/white
    - XL apparently does not use contrasting colours at all
      Jon Kare did some tests and 'auto' appears to mean
          'the default'

In the sheet auto is basicly hardcoded to a set colour for now.
We'll clean it up eventually, but it is not high on the priority

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