Re: v0.3 of Styleguide

On Fri, 2002-01-04 at 08:20, Alexander Kirillov wrote:
Here are more suggestions. Most of them are from
GDP style guide but it does no harm to repeat them here: 
I'll add them into the Gnumeric styleguide for the sake of emphasis,
since some of these are quite important.

- lines should be wrapped at  80 chars or shorter
A good one!

- in titles (of chapters, sect1's, sect2's,...) all words other than
  articles should  be  capitalized 
Articles?  What do you mean?

- titles should not end with the period
Thank you!  I saw this with the current documentation and it gave me a
headache and caused my nostrils to flare.

- we should use American English: "color", not "colour". I am not saying
  that American is better than British (I am Russian so I am neutral)
  but we definitely need to use the same dialect of English throughout
  the   docs, and it seems that more people prefer American. British
  can create localized version of the docs in locale en_GB
I agree here.
- we use standard names for keys on the keyboard: 
  <keycap>Ctrl</keycap> (not "control key")
  <keycap>Enter</keycap> (or <keycap>Return</keycap>?? Need to decide
Good one!  I'd say Enter.  There are 3 people in my cubicle section as
me, and ours all say Enter (they're all IBMs, okay).  But they all say
Enter.  ENTER IT IS!

Also, a suggestion: typing <application>Gnumeric</application> is way
too long. Why don't we define an entity, e.g. 
ENTITY gnumeric "<application>Gnumeric</application" 
so that we can just type &gnumeric;
Hmmm...normally I type <app M-/ and it fills it in.  I almost didn't
notice.  But for the non emacs users, an entity is a great idea.  Lets
do it.


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