Re: Gnumeric Documentation styleguide

On Wed, 2002-01-02 at 13:01, Adrian Custer wrote:
yum 1.0.0!

I am not thrilled by this guide. It does not seem to make life easier
for anyone: documenters or readers. Fighting the docs has persuaded me
that a good guide is needed but a good guide is a much more developed
document than this is. My feeling is also that this is not gnumeric
specific but should be part of the gnome doc project. We need a good
guide with explanations to speed up life for everyone. When I have time,
I'll visit this through the gnome doc project rather than through

It should be noted that there is such a thing as GDP Style Guide with
very detailed instructions about the terms to use and not use, proper
markup, etc (but not indenting or naming scheme for files). Most of the
current gnumeric documentation is not even close to following this
guide. You can see it at


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