Re: Gnumeric Documentation styleguide

Adrian Custer wrote:

> as well as their parent section.
> abbreviations are not helpful since I have no guarantee that we agree on
> the abbreviation. I would have to open your section and find the id to
> be able to be sure that my ref will match your abbrv. :-) I suggest full
> names--a bit more typing but saves time overall.

ids have a maximu length (so it seems), remember some the errors we got
late December? I believe to remember that the limit was something like
44 chars, reached pretty fast!

> These are hypen-delimited.  all lower case. in order:
> chapter-section-???
> An author should be able to open up a section in an SGML section title
> and be able to identify the parent sections.  For example:
>><sect1 id="intro">
>>  <title>Introduction</title>
>>  <para>
>>    ...
>>  </para>
>>  <sect2 id="intro-whatis">
> {How do I know this id is going to be whatis and not what-is or
> whatisgnumeric? We need clear rules.}

It shouldn't be intro-what-is since this should imply that there is an


Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow

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