Gnumeric Documentation styleguide

Greetings Gnumeric Hackers,
    First off, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  I hope you
    had a most enjoyable and safe New Years.
    Now, onto the meat of the email.  Attached is the Gnumeric
    Documentation styleguide I have written up.  I am taking up the task
    of reorganizing (and redoing most of...) the Gnumeric documentation
    for the upcoming 1.2 release.  The inspiration for this styleguide
    is described at the top of the file.
    Because the styleguide is kind of stringent, I am allowing there to
    be a review period.  If you disagree with a part of the styleguide,
    please don't hesitate to mention that.  However, once this
    styleguide hits 1.0, it's too late.  Basically a "speak now or
    forever hold your peace" action.

Kevin Breit

Attachment: gnumeric.styleguide
Description: Text document

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