Gnumeric 1.0.4 missing and documentation


I have just upgraded my gnumeric build from 0.70 to 1.04.
Debian 2.2 system, but with gal 0.19, ORBit 0.5.13, bonobo 1.0.19, oaf 0.6.8

Two problems:

All the pound signs are invisible in cells, although the cells are
still correctly formatted. The only currency sign that will show up is

I can't build the complete documentation. This is a snippet of what I
get. When the errors are finished there is some documentation, but it
is truncated. For example the function-reference is missing.

I don't have jw. On debian db2html is just a wrapper script for jade.

mark titan:~/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C$ make
srcdir=`cd . && pwd`;                   \
if test "no" = 'yes' ; then             \
        jw -c /etc/sgml/catalog $srcdir/gnumeric.sgml -o $srcdir/gnumeric; \
else                                            \
        db2html $srcdir/gnumeric.sgml;  \
Using stylesheet: "/usr/lib/sgml/stylesheet/dsssl/docbook/cygnus/cygnus-both.dsl"

input file was called gnumeric.sgml -- output will be in gnumeric

working on /home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:1:66:W: cannot generate system identifier for public 
text "-//GNOME//DTD DocBook PNG Variant V1.0//EN"
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:30:0:E: reference to entity "BOOK" for which no system 
identifier could be generated
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:1:0: entity was defined here
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:30:0:E: DTD did not contain element declaration for 
document type name
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:32:9:E: there is no attribute "ID"
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:32:16:E: element "BOOK" undefined
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:33:7:E: element "TITLE" undefined
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:34:11:E: element "BOOKINFO" undefined
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:35:16:E: element "RELEASEINFO" undefined
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:39:14:E: element "COPYRIGHT" undefined
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:40:11:E: element "YEAR" undefined
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:41:13:E: element "HOLDER" undefined
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:47:20:E: there is no attribute "ID"
jade:/home/mark/src/gnumeric-1.0.4/doc/C/gnumeric.sgml:47:33:E: element "LEGALNOTICE" undefined

Thanks for your help.

I am not subscribed, so please CC me.


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