Re: Problem getting all strings for translation

Thanks for answering Jody,

Ok, so how do I go on then?
Should I use the gnumeric-supplied xml-i18n-update script?
Should not point to that one, rather than to a non-working old
version in /usr/share/xml-i18n-tools ?
Why is the script delivered whith gnumeric if it is not used?
(probably wrong assumption, but intriguing question to me anyhow)


As xml-i18n-toolize is depricated (Kenneth?) and now replaced by
intltool, I would like to have the file point to
intltool-extract and intltool-update instead.

Jody would you care to comment on that?

1.1.x uses intl-tool.
1.0.x can not.  We need the ability to use non utf8 broken encodings.

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