Re: Problem getting all strings for translation

The problem lies in the fact that still pointed to old
xml-i18n-toolize scripts I had lying around (version 0.8.1) in
(this is on RedHat 7.1)

Using the xml-i18n-update script supplied in the /gnumeric directory
solved the problem of the ".in" files not being recognised.

As xml-i18n-toolize is depricated (Kenneth?) and now replaced by
intltool, I would like to have the file point to
intltool-extract and intltool-update instead.

Jody would you care to comment on that?

If that is not possible, could you then please tell me the right way to
solve this issue?


In the gnumeric/po directory, I issue a:
./ nl 

which gives:
warning: file `plugins/applix/' extension `in' is unknown;
will try C

The same warning is issued for all the other plugin.xml files.

all translatable strings in those files are obsoleted in my new po-file.
Hope that someone can shed a light on this for me

Tino Meinen

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