Problem getting all strings for translation

this problem has been bugging me for a while now.
I would like to know if more people encounter this problem and how I
could solve it.
I'm talking about gnumeric_1_4 branch.

In the gnumeric/po directory, I issue a:
./ nl 

which gives:
warning: file `plugins/applix/' extension `in' is unknown;
will try C

The same warning is issued for all the other plugin.xml files.

all translatable strings in those files are obsoleted in my new po-file.

Instead, when I issue a:
make update-po 

no warning messages are issued, however, the strings are being obsoleted

example of a string that's being obsoleted:#: 

msgid "Applix"
msgstr "Applix"

ending up as:
#~ msgid "Applix"
#~ msgstr "Applix"

the file: plugins/applix/ does not exist in my tree, and
I assume this file is generated from the xml file.

I use intltool-0.14-1.ximian.1 and gettext-0.10.40-2
But I do not think it is a bug in gettext or intltool, as in the past,
there were updated po-files downloadable from the gnome website.
These people were obviously able to get all the strings from the plugin
files. The po files on the website, however, are no longer being updated
so now I have to try to create my own.

Hope that someone can shed a light on this for me

Tino Meinen

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