Re: Our XLS exporter is doing something wrong.

Jon Kåre write:
> Miles Lane <miles megapathdsl net> writes:
> > Anyone here interested in checking out a good XLS exporting
> > compatibility-checking tool?
> >
> >
> Thanks for the link. I've downloaded it.
> > ExcelRead will read workbooks created in Excel 97, 98 and
> > 2000 formats.
> Gnumeric writes Excel 95 format.
> > > A service that I am testing for a a friend's company is
> > using this code to read in xls files.  I get failures
> > importing xls files written out by OO and by Gnumeric.
> Which is most likely because ExcelRead's support for Excel 95 format
> is patchy.

Hmm.  I have to disagree.  The fact that this importer cannot
import a xls file that Gnumeric exports is a bug in our xls
exporter.  Just because the ExcelRead importer for xls from Excel
95 is spotty is no reason to conclude that our xls exporter should
not be required to export files that ExcelRead can read.


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