Re: Our XLS exporter is doing something wrong.

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 02:42:56PM -0800, Miles Lane wrote:
Jon K?re write:

Which is most likely because ExcelRead's support for Excel 95 format
is patchy.

Hmm.  I have to disagree.  The fact that this importer cannot
import a xls file that Gnumeric exports is a bug in our xls
exporter.  Just because the ExcelRead importer for xls from Excel
95 is spotty is no reason to conclude that our xls exporter should
not be required to export files that ExcelRead can read.

Without seeing the errors in question it is difficult to point
fingers.  I'm not in the mood it find the right version of java to
install just to run this.  Please post the complaints and we can
evaluate the potential problems.

As things stand XL is the normative source for this file format.
I'm willing to fix problems to help other importers, but it is not a
#1 priority.  The main known issue right now is that OpenCalc uses
the 'merged' flag in the XF record, but ignores the MERGED records.
Where as we export the MERGED record and ignore the flag.  XL sets
both and imports our stuff without issue.

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