Building gnumeric-1.1.x on a debian system.

I've set up a package repository for all the gnome2 stuff required to
build the HEAD branch in gnumeric CVS (1.1.x) for a debian unstable
system.  Building the cvs copy of gnumeric should now be as easy as

 deb debs/
 deb-src debs/

to your /etc/apt/sources.list and then

# apt-get build-dep gnumeric
# apt-get source --compile gnumeric
(alternatively, replace the last command with:
% apt-get source gnumeric
% cd gnumeric-1.1.0
% cvs update # if you like
% debuild

This should (hopefully!) make it much easier for folks to check-out and
build the latest gnumeric sources, which, in turn, should enable them to
more easily create high-quality patches. =)

Please let me know if you use this archive, and how well it works for you.
It's quite possible I don't quite have the package dependencies all
correct yet, but It Works For Me (tm).

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