Re: Gnumeric 1.1.14

On Mon, Dec 30, 2002 at 03:07:54PM +0900, Etsushi Kato wrote:
On 2002.12.30, at 01:44  PM, Jody Goldberg wrote:

On Mon, Dec 30, 2002 at 12:59:13PM +0900, Etsushi Kato wrote:
First gnumeric cannot compile with -D_POSIX_SOURCE on Mac OS X, so I
deleted -Werror from configure script when checking -D_POSIX_SOURCE.

I don't understand.  The -Werror is only for the test to see if
-D_POSIX_SOURCE is necessary.

configure:9904: result: yes

So, I deleted -Werror.  If -D_POSIX_SOURCE is there, many undefined 
type and parse error come up.  Here is a example of 

/usr/include/sys/socket.h:213: undefined type, found `u_char'
Hmm.  So what you're saying is that the includes are already
somewhat flakey, and adding -Werror generates false positives.
I'll need access to a fink box to track that.

#1  0x02c12608 in excel_write_string (bp=0x2b23700, txt=0x0, 
flags=STR_TWO_BYTE_LENGTH) at ms-excel-write.c:114
#2  0x02c19bc0 in excel_write_WRITEACCESS (bp=0x2b23700) at 
    g_locale_to_utf8 (g_get_real_name (), -1, NULL, NULL, NULL);
must be returning NULL.  I'll add a sanity check there.

I'd like to validate
   - autofilters
   - input messages
   - data validation

If you have some time I'll post the details.

I would like to :)
Lovely.  Excel is somewhat underdocumented and inconsistent in its
handling of multibyte strings.

1) Autofilters
    - Set up a 3x3 matrix of strings
    - Select the matrix and do Date -> Filters -> AutoFilter
    A set of combo arrows will appear in the top row
    - Select 1 of the string in one of the drop downs
    All but that row will get hidden.

2) Input Messages
    - Data -> Validation -> Input Message
    - Enter some text for title and message

3) Sheet Object Names
    I don't know if this is possible
    - Be sure the Drawing Toolbar is enabled via View -> Toolbars -> Drawing
    - Insert a 'Text Box' (That is the tooltip)
    - Select the new text box as if you were going to edit it
        (_it_ not its content) There should not be a flashing cursor
        in it.
    In the Edit box in the upper left of the spreadsheet you
    should see an entry that says 'Text Box #' (for some number #)
    - Click in the name box and change the name to something

That would be a great start.  If you could include the xls files
(saved as XL95 & XL97/2k/XP) and screensnaps of what the resulting
characters are supposed to look like it would be a huge help in
validating things.

Many thanks

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