Re: Gnumeric 1.1.14

On Mon, Dec 30, 2002 at 12:59:13PM +0900, Etsushi Kato wrote:
First gnumeric cannot compile with -D_POSIX_SOURCE on Mac OS X, so I 
deleted -Werror from configure script when checking -D_POSIX_SOURCE.

I don't understand.  The -Werror is only for the test to see if
-D_POSIX_SOURCE is necessary.
Second, python-loader plugin cannot compile because of multiple 
definitions of symbol _py_Boolean_object_type and so on.
sounds dicey.  Ignore the python plugin for now.

Third, segfault occurred when saving file as Excel format on Mac OS X.  
I found two glitches.  One is that p != NULL check is needed for 
Hmm, I'll add the sanity check, but NULL should never arrive there.

The other is, because Mac OS X with Fink 
uses libiconv,  it is needed to use "UTF-16LE" for g_iconv_open in 
ms_biff_put_new() on ms-biff.c.  It seems "UTF16LE" is not assigned as 
alias of "UTF-16LE" on libiconv.
glibc has UTF-16LE as the primary name too.  I'll switch.

With these modifications, I enjoyed gnumeric very much on Mac OS X.  I 
can read and write Japanse Excel file.  Also Japanese XIM works fine.

I could actually use a few more test cases of japanese XLS files.
I'd like to validate
    - autofilters
    - input messages
    - data validation

If you have some time I'll post the details.

Thanks for the feedback,

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