Re: Text Import and locale problems

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 04:28:53PM +0100, Jos? Mar?a Casanova Crespo wrote:

I'm working with gnumeric 1.08 and my locale is es_ES, so when i need to
import a data sample that uses '.' as decimal point gnumeric import this
data as text.

I've searched at bugzilla to suggest an enchancement, and I found:

Text import should have locale selection

Allowing to select the decimal point and thounsand separator, using by
default the locales one would be very helpful.

What is needed to implement such improvement? Is it very complex to
implement it in order to help a little? :)

Interesting idea.  Up till now I had focused mainly on the encoding
of the file rather than the locale specific number formating.

The reality is that it is not terribly difficult to do.  The trick
comes in how to do it _cleanly_.  What we really want is an locale
selector of some sort in the file open/import dialog (they have been
merged in the development version).  However, its only really
necessary for text import right now, so it needs to be conditional.

I can add the necessary hooks to flag 'needs_encoding' for a file
import object if you're interested in working on adding some sort of
locale/encoding selector to the dialog itself.  Hopefully by the
time its ready Andreas' improvements to the text import dialog will
be in place and we'll be able to connect them up.

Drop by #gnumeric on or send me mail for details.

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