Pleasant surprise!

I looked at Gnumeric about a year ago (ver .70, I believe) and 
decided it had to mature some more for a production set-up. I 
recently installed Mandrake 9.0 and decided to look at it again 
- what a pleasant surprise! I took a 3.5 MB file in OS/2 -Mesa/2 
and converted it to Excel97 and brought it into Gnumeric (ver 
1.0.9) and the formating was there - column width and row 
heights. This is a multi-sheet workbook, I turn to sheet 'B' and 
found a flaw. I have a 'Title ID' on every sheet on row 3 and it 
is entered in cell A3 and 'overflows' to cell F3 (24 pt font). 
On sheet 3, and suceeding sheets, the first five letters were in 
A3 but failed to overflow to cells B3 to F3. (=A!$A$3). I went 
to A!A3 and copied to the clipboard, went to B!A3 and pasted and 
it worked properly. At least it is minor.
Any projections on the arrival of macro scripts?
To all - Great Job!!!
Bill M

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