Re: Gnumeric release planned for Aug/11

On Sat, Sep 08, 2001 at 09:57:54PM +0200, Miernik wrote:
0.68 only supported ranges.
0.69 has the patch to support intersheet references.

Indirect in 0.68, as well as 0.69 or 0.70 DOES NOT support ranges. At
least it does not work for me. Intersheet references in indirect work
fine well in 0.69 and 0.70.


 C24 = 23
 C25 = 12
 C26 = 45

=sum(indirect("C24:C26"))  returns #REF!
=sum(C24:C26)              returns 80

Doh!  I forgot ranges.  The patch is trivial, as is support for
named expressions.  Your case works as expected in 0.71 with the
same recalc provisions.  On a positive note I've figured out how to
handle the recalc nicely.  However, that will be post release.

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