Re: Planning scripts or macros???

On Sun, Sep 02, 2001 at 06:24:40PM +0000, T'aZ wrote:

I'm using gnumeric with his plugin for excell, it works very good, but there
is one major thing that gnumeric cant do: macros/scripts
-or is it me who didnt find how to do this.?..-
i try to convert most of my excell files to gnumeric, but i need to be able
to use script
(not necesseraly converting them from M$, i can rewrite them)

so do you plan to implement a way of executing script/macro in numeric, or do
i need to switch to an other software (preferably not..)?

We are definitely planning to support scripting.  However, we are
not ready to commit to an api just yet.  There are sample
implementations in python, GnomeBasic and via CORBA that allow
gnumeric to be controlled.  None of them are likely to remain as is.

Our goals for the upoming 1.0 release do not include scripting.
However, that is one of the first features we will tie down for 2.0.
The main reason for not implementing this now is that getting the
api right will take time, and it seems more important to release a
stable gnumeric than to delay for yet another feature.

Scripting will probably begin development when the CVS tree splits
around Nov.

I hope that clarifies our approach,

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