Re: severe problems with fonts under russian locale with gnumeric-0.71

On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 10:21:26PM +0400, Vlad Harchev wrote:

 When it was made? Gnumeric should use the font gnome print returns to it, so
manual gdk_font_load or gdk_fontset_load is not anywhere.
 Could you please tell in which file that s/gdk_font_load/gdk_fontset_load/
It is used as a fallback to font 'fixed' in case there is no
response from gnome-print.  The code is in src/style.c,  There is
also a reference in the stf dialog but that is going to be replaced.
 I know that version of gnumeric before 0.71 and gnome-print-0.29 definitely
had problems with fonts - encoding of the font was random, different for
different font size and style.
 Gnumeric before 0.71 and GP 0.30 and 0.31 DIDN'T have such problems.
 Gnumeric after 0.71 and GP 0.30 and 0.31 have such problems.

 Where one can see the bugrepors about font problems? Are they available in
bugzilla or do you receive them in private mail?

The reports that concern me are crashes.  There has been a wave (4-5) of
crash reports for ximian 0.71 on redhat 7.x systems.  All of them
dispaly the same impossible back trace and crash on start up.
is a good example.

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