Re: Named expressions change after entering them.

On Sun, Oct 21, 2001 at 08:49:16PM -0700, Jacob Burckhardt wrote:

Actually, you could still *parse* relative to the current cell, but
*store* relative to A1.  This means you do not have to "store the edit
position when the name was defined."

to take care of: If the user creates a name and then moves to a
different cell and then edits the name, be sure to adjust the relative
cell references to be based off of a reference point of the current
edit cell. 

Gnumeric does not store references (either relative or absolute)
relative to anything.  The problem you report boils down to
parsing.  When we display the references we need to choose an edit
point.  Initially we used the edit pos, and parsed with the edit
pos.  Your initial bug did not like that, so I converted to using
A1, which you still don't like.  So  I'll go back to edit_pos.

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