Re: Named expressions change after entering them.

On Fri, Oct 19, 2001 at 10:26:52PM -0700, Jacob Burckhardt wrote:

I think you are implying that relative to the current edit cell is a
bad thing.  But I think that is a good thing.  Having it be relative
to the current cell lets me refer to cells to the left of that current
cell.  I cannot do that if the reference point is always A1.  I will
use an example to elaborate on this and explain why this is important:

Although I am not a fan of this idiom I understand what it can do.
However. to support it and avoid the issue you mention in
requires that we store the edit position when the name was defined.
This is easy for gnumeric but I'll need to experiment with XL
import/export to see how they handled it.  MS XL does not seem to
store that information, which forces us to parse relative to A1.

Named expressions are the weakest segment of gnumeric.  I'll put
some work into them shortly, but in general you can assume that we
are aware of the bugs there.  It is the only place in gnumeric with
known crashable features, which puts it fairly high on the priority

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