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Very nice to see someone interested in Solver.  I have written most of
the stuff that the current Solver does.  You have pointed out a few
usability issues that should be fixed.  There are, in addition, many
functionality issues that should be fixed too.  These include,

        * verify the primal affine scaling algorithm
          => I know it currently does not always find the optimal
             solution (bug).
          => part of the problem could be that there is too much rounding
             errors in calculating the matrixies (i.g. complete pivoting
             or similar should be used instead of the naive implementation)
        * implement sensitivity analysis

I have been quite busy in doing other stuff and the little time for
Gnumeric has gone for other things like finishing the remaining
financial functions (Jesus that there is so many stupid ways to count
days).  So if you are able to improve things go ahead.

There is a MPS plugin that can load simple LP programs in MPS format.
It can be used in debugging and testing, and in verification of the


Hello people!

I was very glad to find out that Gnumeric has a solver. Now I can
abandom MS Office stuff... I'd like to contact solver developers to try
to help some way, even if I'm not a developer... If someone can give me
some hiints, plesae, contact me!


Vinícius Provenzano

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