Re: Too many rows for this format (Excel)

On Wed, Oct 17, 2001 at 07:33:01PM +0200, J?nos Hol?nyi wrote:

Thanks for the hint.
However, what do you exactly mean by 'select
all the rows below your content and delete them.'?

I don't 'have' (use) any rows below my content... or do you mean
I should select even the unused rows up to... what number? :)

Select from the first row past the actual bottom all the way to the
bottom of the sheet and clear the formating.  The problem you are
seeing is that gnumeric thinks there is user visible formating past
row 16k (the limit for XL95).  If you delete that it will work.
However, if you just clear from 16k -> 64k the sheet will be very
large.  So clear from the bottom of your content to the bottom and
things should be ok.

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