Re: Too many rows for this format (Excel)

Hi Jody,

Thanks for the hint.
However, what do you exactly mean by 'select
all the rows below your content and delete them.'?

I don't 'have' (use) any rows below my content... or do you mean
I should select even the unused rows up to... what number? :)

Thanks a lot,


Quoting Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg home com>:

On Wed, Oct 17, 2001 at 02:53:35PM +0200, J?nos Hol?nyi wrote:

Can anybody please let me know how I could save a very small GNUMERIC
spreadsheet into the Excel(95) format?
It currently refuses, with the message: see $SUBJECT.
(I could find any mails about this on the web archive of this

There is a patch in CVS to improve this, but it is not perfect.
The problem is caused by formatting large areas, like an entire
column.  Gnumeric notes the format and realizes that the bottom
would be clipped when it exports to XL95.  CVS is marginally
smarter.  It realizes that it is just formating that would be lost
and allows it to be clipped.  Sadly, the results are less that
optimal.  The file gets VERY big.  Your best bet would be to select
all the rows below your content and delete them.  I hope to improve
this before the release.

János Holányi, Member
Hungarian Association of Linux Users
Email: csani lme linux hu

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