Gnumeric 0.75, a few considerations

Hi ML,

here are re-post of a part a previous msg I've sent a few weeks ago, and since I've
done a reply to a previous thread, I suppose that it's normal I didn't get answers :)
Sorry to disturb again!

So, using Gnumeric 0.75:

 - when editing a cell (for text typing) with F2, when pressing Shift+[any
   arrow], it starts to select a text. This is normal of course, but the
   selection is shown in the formula widget, and not in the cell itself.
   Could it be possible to see the selection in the cell too?
   Same, the mouse cursor doesn't allow to select the text inside the cell
   while typing in it.
 - a part of text copied (CTRL+C) anywhere from within Gnumeric can be
   pasted into a cell (F2.. typing some text.. then CTRL+V: it adds the text to
   the cell's content: OK).
   But it seems to be impossible to paste a text copied from another app
   while editing the content of a cell..
   I've noticed that pasting a text copied from outside when I'm *not* inside
   a cell will lead Gnumeric to open a import dialog. This import feature works
   well and is very nice. Neither using this, it've not found a way to paste
   the whole text inside 1 cell only.
   Is there a workaround for this, or would it be a future feature if possible?
 - the undo feature is not allowed when editing cell's content or I'm wrong?
 - using the "Print setup" on a .xls file, when the "Center" option is set
    (horizontal and/or vertical), the data from the sheet are shown completely
    outside of the margins (so, outside of the paper) when opening a "Print
    preview".. Disabling "Center" prevents this behaviour.
    Is this because I'm editing a .xls directly?

    Moreover, when clicking 30 times on the "Print preview", it opens 30
    different Print previews! Is this a intentional feature, or would it be
    better to update the current preview window?
 - I've compiled with GNOME basic support (seems OK at ./configure & make
    time), but what can I do to use gb scripts in Gnumeric? I can't see
    anything related to this in Gnumeric interface, whereas gb is installed and
    the plugin is loaded OK.

    Note that README says Gnumeric requires GB == 0.0.19, but configure
    script looks for == 0.0.17 (and that it compiles without problem against 0.0.20).

    I've not found any doc about the use of Gnumeric and GB together (macros?),
    neither in Gnumeric's doc, nor in GB's one.. is something written about this?
Any thought?

Best regards

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