Re: Setting libs location when compiling

yardbird <frbiscani libero it> writes:

sorry for the (possibly) stupid question, but I have a problem when
compiling gnumeric 0.64-0.65. I have SuSE linux 7.1,


The problem is that when I ./configure gnumeric before compiling it
says that it cannot find gconf files (for example -- or
something like) and other stuff which is instead present in the
directories above mentioned (I checked out).

First check whether gconf is installed at all (rpm -q gconf).

So, where does gnumeric want to find gnome files, and how can I 
setup so that ./configure searches for them in the right directories?

This should do the trick:

export GNOME_PATH=/opt/gnome:/usr
./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome --sysconfdir=/etc/opt/gnome

Additional hints you'll find in the gnumeric.spec file coming with

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