Re: Gnumeric file went south .

On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 08:45:03AM +1000, Alan Davis wrote:
Relevant to my original complaint, I woke up this morning to find
the following message scrolling interminably on one of my
sessions---presumeably the same session on which I had X11

   ** CRITICAL**: file sheet.c: line 1739, (Sheet_row_get): assertion 'pos < SHEET_MAX_ROWS' failed.  
bingo.  I have seen this bug before.
Something in previous versions save a nonsense value for the current
selection.  When Gnumeric loaded the result we had safe guards in
place, but they were too low level, and you ended up with a spew of
errors.  There is a patch in CVS that handles this much more
smoothly.  For the time being edit the gnumeric file and look for
the 'Selection' node with obvious garbage (you'll recognize it).
Change the garbage to zeros and things will work again.

Emacs handles this quite well.  What objection is there to having
a backup option like emacs?
It is a good idea,  I'd also love to see a transaction log
eventually to handle system crashes.  Consider it on the wish list.


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