0.65 - assertion warning when exporting file.

Hi, using gnumeric 0.65 (redhat 6.1).

The attached simple "g2.gnumeric" file doesn't get exported to CSV:

% gnumeric g2.gnumeric

Select "File -> save as"

Select csv format and filename "g2"

Export all sheets (there is just one anyway)

Select Unix linefeed, comma as separator then click on "finish".

Then the following error appears in the terminal where gnumeric
was started:

Gtk-WARNING **: invalid cast from `(unknown)' to `CommandContext'

** CRITICAL **: file command-context.c: line 48 (gnumeric_error_read): \
 assertion `IS_COMMAND_CONTEXT (context)' failed.

g2.csv is created, but it is empty.

Anyone able to repeat this?

Stephen Eglen

Attachment: g2.gnumeric
Description: Binary data

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