Re: Sticky columns/rows

On Tue, Jan 16, 2001 at 10:44:43AM +0100, Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:

Jody, do you have any comments on my musings, or do you prefer to
implement this yourself? :-)

Patches are always welcome.  You musings are fairly accurate.
JonKare and I have been discussing this for the last few days.
It needs to be done in stages.
1) Add proxies for all calls to gnumeric_sheet made by anything that
   is not an item-*.  Especially in sheet.c
2) convert the canvases used by the col/row headers to be
   gnumeric-sheets rather than simple canvases

Once these are done we can start looking at the next set of
requirements. Below are some of my older notes on the subject.

Support Panes
    There are actually 3 canvases currently in use.
    - 1 for item-grid
    - 1 for row headers
    - 1 for col headers
    The semantics of panes are identical to the headers.
    By adding a fourth canvas (where the select all button lives) and making
    the boundaries of the item-bars and grids more flexible (not
    0..SHEET_MAX_{ROW,COL}) we could display panes.

    Displaying them is the easy part.  SheetControlGUI takes care of
    the some of the issues.  The unpleasant segment of this exercise
    is that gnumeric-sheet, item-grid, and item-bar currently assume
    they are unique.  They perform operations which should be
    controlled via the scg.
        - auto scrolling
        - selection across pane boundaries.

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