Re: Multibyte improvement - g_unichar_to_utf8()

On Sun, Dec 31, 2000 at 07:06:21AM +0900, Yukihiro Nakai wrote:

g_unichar_to_utf8() function in print-cell.c is broken in multibyte
environment because it doesn't any multibyte handling.

I wrote a new g_unichar_to_utf8() func that can handle multibytes
correctly in multibyte environments with gint32.
In EUC-JP, 2 byte is normal but some other codeset uses 4 bytes.

The comment in src/print-cell.c says
    'This is cut & pasted from glib 1.3'

If your replacement is better it should go into glib-1.3 and
gnumeric.  I'll wait for someone more experienced in these details
to make this decision.

I used #ifdef linux macro because in *BSDs don't have
I'd prefer to see #ifdef HAVE_LANGINFO_H than #ifdef linux

In this example, I use 'ABC' in EUC-JP multibyte and 'ABC' in ASCII.
Below it the char codes for your sake:

   |  ASCII(UTF-8)       EUC-JP   UTF-8(multibyte)
A  |          0x41    0xa3 0xc1    0xef 0xbc 0xa1
B  |          0x42    0xa3 0xc1    0xef 0xbc 0xa2
C  |          0x43    0xa3 0xc1    0xef 0xbc 0xa3

This confuses me.
1) It seems as if A == B == C in the EUC-JP case.
2) where can I find some documentation on UTF-8 vs UTF-8(multibyte) ?


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