Re: Multibyte improvement - g_unichar_to_utf8()

On Sun, Dec 31, 2000 at 07:39:16AM +0900, Yukihiro Nakai wrote:
I used #ifdef linux macro because in *BSDs don't have
nl_langinfo() func. It's a good idea to use improved funcs only with
linux or other OS with POSIX i18n frameworks implemented, but I also
suggest another idea to add nl_langinfo() with gnumeric just for *BSD.

This is an ad-hoc implimentation of nl_langinfo() for *BSD.
At least, it works on my FreeBSD machine.

I'd rather not do this in gnumeric.  We use nl_langinfo with
different argument types than this stub implementation supports.
Our current approach is to use a configure test for the existence of
nl_langinfo and to ifdef a fall back to a stupid behaviour when it is
not supported.

So there are some policies to development GNOME apps:

1. Complete I18N but ignore *BSD
2. Development also for *BSD users, but just for single byte only.
3. Both
4. Neither

Please explain these further, I'm not clear on what you use the
decide the different categories.

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