Re: Post-loading bug (fixed?)

Gnumeric 1.0 is about to come out. You are using an old version and will
want to update. I believe this has not been an issue for quite a few
vesions of gnumeric now.

An environmental variable is a characteristic of the ways unix programs
are run. All unix programs have certain data associated with them when
they are run. One group of data are the environmental variables which
are set for that program.

If you open a shell you can look at the shell's environmental variables.
if you use tcsh type
This will show you the variables which have been declared. So to do what
you wanted you could:

1) open a terminal
2) type 
/bin/tcsh (so we know we are in bash)
3) type
The variable is now set to nothing which is fine since its presence is
all that's needed.

You can also set local variables. with tcsh:
set MYNAME bubba
echo $MYNAME
and the shell will return


On Sat, 2001-12-29 at 20:05, Mel Seder wrote:
I'm new at "lists" so if I am not using them the right
way please flame me :-)

I'm starting to use gnumeric (version .67) more and
more often.  Last time I had any use for a spreadsheet
was 10 years ago. I am told to set an environment
variable called "GNUMERIC_ENABLE_XL_OVERWRITE".  The
error message did not say how to set it or what to set
it to.  Can someone please point me in the right
direction or instruct me how to be able to re-write a
sheet after making a change.

--- Nick Lamb <njl98r ecs soton ac uk> wrote:
Just noticed that my copy of Gnumeric 0.99.0 doesn't
automatically recalculate
cells for which it doesn't have a current value
after loading, nor does it
overwrite adjacent cells for wide text.

So to see on screen the "real" state of the sheet I
have to tweak the width
of a column (any column) slightly, and hit F9 to
recalculate. Obviously we
can't make users do that in 1.0

Presumably this is just a housekeeping function call
missed somewhere in the
core plug-in code  (I see it with 123 and Excel

Is this fixed in 0.99.1 or should I file a bug?

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